Do you offer repair services?

We do not offer repair services for our shoes. We will be more than happy to send you laces or insole replacements based on availability. Please note, that we do have a limited selection of laces and colours available and endeavour to send a replacement that is the closest match to your original KEEN shoes.

Do you offer replacement insoles?

How do I get replacement laces?

However, if the shoes are under a year old we would consider replacing them through our warranty program.

 I took my shoes out of storage and the sole fell off!

Your shoes require care in order to work properly. If the adhesive used in the outsole is not flexed or used regularly the bond could dry and crack, which can cause the sole to de-laminate

For issues like these, we typically recommend marine contact cement adhesive that is flexible and waterproof. It works quite well for this sort of repair.


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