Use and Care FAQs

My shoes smell funny. What can I do?

If your shoes smell funny, you can remove the insoles and rub tea tree essential oil into the upper lining of the shoe and on the insoles. You may also try Odour Eaters Powder applied directly to the inside of the shoes after wearing them. If your shoes do not have a removable insole, then you can hand wash the inside of the shoe with a gentle cleaning agent first.

If your KEEN water sandals smell funny, you can machine-wash them with mild detergent in cold water on a gentle cycle. Then, air-dry your sandals out of direct sunlight. Another option is hand-washing your sandals in the sink with NikWax Base Wash, an odour eliminating product for synthetic materials used in outdoor gear. When the sandals are clean and dry, you can rub tea tree essential oil into the upper lining and insole for extra help.



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